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NEPSGVA / AVCA Officials Appreciation Week (October 1 - 9)

The NEPSAC Girls Volleyball Association, an Affiliate Member of the American Volleyball Coaches Association, is joining the AVCA to celebrate and recognize our match officials this week. 

Our league is deeply appreciative of our officials' usually unrecognized hard work and long hours, which frequently includes long commutes in rush hour traffic, to ensure our matches are able run efficiently and fairly. Additionally, due in part to the recent significant growth of girls volleyball in New England, the demand for officials is at an all time high, which our officials are meeting by working multiple matches in the same day or taking on the responsibility of refereeing contests alone. We are deeply indebted to our officials for their commitment and professionalism in ensuring our league contests can proceed. 

We also encourage all our students, alumni, parents, teachers, friends, and family to consider becoming certified volleyball referees to help grow the number of match officials. The Professional Association of Volleyball Officials is a great resource for information and materials for those that are interested in learning more:

Make sure to follow @NEPSAC as our member schools will be sharing their appreciation of our officials throughout this week.