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King Student-Athlete, Zoe Tinnesz, Named 2021 "Women of Will" Graduation Award Winner

June 2, 2021

King School Athletics is extremely proud to announce that standout Senior student-athlete, Zoe Tinnesz, has been named an inaugural "Women of Will" graduation award winner presented by Under Armour and BSN Sports!

A three-sport athlete in Soccer, Basketball, and Softball, Zoe has received multiple postseason honors from the Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA), the Women's Western New England Preparatory School Soccer Association (WWNEPSSA), and the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC), while also making an impact in the community by volunteering at the Tim Tebow Foundation "Night to Shine'' with members of the Girls Varsity Basketball team. It's only fitting that Zoe now joins the hundreds of other "Women of Will'' graduation award winners from across the United States as part of Under Armour's national campaign.

Founded in 2018, "Women of Will" (WOW) is an exclusive women's high school sports sponsorship powered by BSN Sports and Under Armour that exists to celebrate the surmounting of any obstacle, whether mental, physical or rooted in society's expectations. In addition to being named a 2021 "Women of Will '' Graduation Award Winner, Zoe was also announced as the Outstanding Senior Female Athlete at the annual King School Prize Day ceremony held on campus for Senior students and their families. The Rowayton native was recognized as the strongest female athlete in the 2021 Senior class, serving as a 5-time captain and earning an impressive combined 13 Varsity letters in her sports of Soccer, Basketball, and Softball

Congratulations to Zoe Tinnesz on being named the Under Armour "Women of Will" Award winner and for receiving the Outstanding Female Athlete Award. To commemorate these honors, Zoe's name will be included on an award plaque displayed in the Athletics Center and a banner will also be raised in the Upper School Gym celebrating Zoe's "Women of Will" achievement.

As the Director of Student-Athlete Leadership and Experience, I am proud to announce our partnership with Under Armour to honor our female athletes in a campaign appropriately called "Women of Will."  This partnership provides top-notch performance clothing for our female athletes and highlights their accomplishments on social media. The campaign culminates with the presentation of an award celebrating the female athlete who, over the course of her time at King, has most clearly exhibited all the pillars of our King core values - leadership, commitment, perseverance and teamwork.   

There are already more than 80 athletes nationwide that have been recognized with this award and Corporate UA will continue to release names through May and June, with the top hall of fame award winner to be flown down to the Under Armour headquarters in Baltimore!  

In a year of tremendous change that continues to affect sports at every level, we celebrate our WoW seniors who persevered with a positive attitude despite the challenges faced.  These fierce young women exhibited some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Will to Win

  • Outstanding Athletics

  • Superior Academics

  • Positive Sportsmanship

  • Strong Leadership

Our inaugural "Women of Will" award winner is Zoe Tinnesz. We see you Zoe.  We want to raise you up and honor the visible, valuable work that you do on the athletic fields, because it is there that you are learning how to be ambitious, how to set goals, how to compete, and how to be a fearless leader.  There is no doubt that this "Women of Will" campaign will empower and embolden our King female athletes - a crucial part of influencing our world's future women and you are so appropriate to be the inaugural very first women of will candidate.  

Zoe has taken full advantage of her time at King and successfully made her mark in many areas of the King community.  She does not shy away from the  spotlight, always engages in serious, reflective conversations, and simply brightens the room with her upbeat, positive personality.  

Zoe is hands down the best female athlete in her class, if not the school.  Her hand-eye coordination provides her with an ease and confidence that exudes throughout her body.  As has been the case throughout high school and even in middle school, Zoe is a force to be reckoned with and her coaches regularly commend her for her leadership, enthusiasm, and positive energy.  As a junior captain and tri-sport captain, Zoe is an integral part of our student-athlete leadership academy – the Captains' Council.  

While we are here tonight with your softball teammates, your soccer coach had the following to say: "Zoe is an ultimate competitor. Her competitive drive is above and beyond anyone else's on the team. She is a verbal leader, often being the most vocal on and off the field. Her teammates look to her for confidence and reassurance. Because of those traits, Zoe was elected to be a captain this year. She is a three-sport athlete, and in each of those sports, she stands out as not only one of the best athletes but the most focused one. Her drive to succeed however does not overtake her core values and is supportive and positive through wins and losses. I am very fortunate to coach an athlete of her physical and moral caliber."

Zoe congratulations, I hope you relish this uniform and this award for years to come. I look back fondly on my days on the field with my teammates and hope you will too.  Thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into King Athletics to elevate our program!" -- Emily Prince, Director of Student-Athlete Leadership and Experience at King School

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