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NEPSAC Announces Partnership with TrueSport


The New England Preparatory School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC) is proud to announce a partnership with TrueSport, a youth sports values-based program powered by the U.S. Anti- Doping Agency (USADA), the country’s most trusted guardian of sport dedicated to preserving the integrity of competition at every level. The TrueSport mission is simple and bold: to change the culture of youth sport by providing powerful educational tools to equip young athletes with the resources to build life skills and core values for success – both on and off the field. With a vision that sport can enrich the lives of our young people, TrueSport partners with organizations across the country that are driven to change sports culture for the better. Founded on the three cornerstones of sportsmanship, character building & life skills, and clean & healthy performance in sport., the TrueSport mission closely aligns with NEPSAC’s basic principle that the lessons learned from fairly played athletics, whether interscholastic or not, and including games and practices, are of benefit to our students and our schools.

Through this partnership, NEPSAC will share TrueSport’s content & resources throughout the membership building upon TrueSport’s passion for inspiring the next generation to be great leaders and good sports, by learning valuable life lessons on and off the field.

"Partnering with TrueSport is extremely exciting for NEPSAC. Their ability to provide our membership with valuable program and professional development on a regular and on-going basis in support of NEPSAC’s fundamental values of sportsmanship and cooperative goodwill is something that I know will serve our membership incredibly well,” said George Tahan, NEPSAC President. “I know I speak for everyone at NEPSAC when I say, we can’t wait to get started!”

The TrueSport content program allows partners to expand their educational offerings to their membership on topics that are most relevant to them. “We work diligently to create informative content, backed by expert research, to address the issues that face youth sport today,” said Dr. Jennifer B. Royer, Senior Director of TrueSport & Awareness. “With lessons, coaching education, articles, and videos, we want to ensure that members of the sport community are able to foster positive youth sport experiences that empower their young athletes to make good choices on and off the field. We look forward to supporting NEPSAC and their member schools.”