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King Athletics Honors 45 Spring Senior Athletes With Special Home Deliveries
May 18, 2020

As the 2019-20 school year draws to a close, albeit remotely, King School Athletics used this unprecedented time to celebrate and recognize 45 Spring Senior Athletes both on social media through May 22 and in-person on Sunday, May 17. 

In addition to individual social media posts featured on Instagram and Twitter dedicated to each respective Spring Senior Athlete for contributions to King Athletics, coaches from all Spring teams went door-to-door on Sunday to surprise the 45 Seniors at their homes with gifts and treats in recognition of all they accomplished at King and in honor of the Spring 2020 athletics season. For this Senior Day celebration, students were presented with their Varsity Letter Awards, chocolate pizzas from Chocolate Works in Darien, and custom-made Class of 2020 bag tags provided by the Parent Association (PA) Viking Pride as their student-athlete spirit gift for the 2019-20 school year.

Justin Devellis from News12 CT was also on-hand for drop-offs in Darien and Greenwich, where Seniors Diana Degnan and Jake Cohen were both featured on Sunday's news segments and shared their thoughts about coping at home in their final Spring season at King during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

"It's kind of sad to miss out on all the traditional end of school activities but I think it's really cool how the school is still coming together and finding ways to be together and with each other and supporting each other even through it," Degnan said.

For Jake Cohen, the emotions from the absence of school and sports extends beyond the classroom and playing field. 
"I can't really describe the feeling of not having the guys in the locker room after a big win, being on the sideline, or giving your buddy a chest bump after a big goal," Cohen explained

"It's not even just about the competition, but it's the bonds you make in sports aren't like the bonds you form in the classroom. You all have this common goal. You're trying to compete and all have each other's back and that extends off of the field." 

Along with the special deliveries for the Seniors on Sunday, King School also continues its storied tradition of preparing student-athletes to compete in college athletics and is proud to announce the Class of 2020 will be graduating 10 Vikings committed to furthering their athletic and academic careers next year at the NCAA Division I and Division III levels: 

Jake Cohen (Sewanee - University of the South, Lacrosse)

Diana Degnan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Field Hockey)

Samantha Falcon (Emory University, Tennis)

Eitan Genger (Middlebury College, Football)

McKinley Joseph (Washington & Jefferson College, Soccer)

Maddie Kyle (Dickinson College, Track & Field)

Tim Landis (Connecticut College, Lacrosse)

Olivia Sheridan (University of Virginia, Rowing) 

Gigi Skolds (Clemson University, Rowing)

Ally Triano (Bucknell University, Rowing)

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