Gender Identity and Expression Statement

NEPSAC believes in the importance of participation in interscholastic athletics for all its positive values: fairplay, commitment, teamwork, wellness, and dedication. NEPSAC celebrates diversity both in the wide range of offerings for athletic competition by our member schools as well as the inclusion of all student-athletes. NEPSAC supports transgender, non-binary and gender fluid youth in their self expression, and, in prohibiting bullying, harassment and unfair treatment, seeks to create a safe environment for all students. Recognizing that NEPSAC governs a wide swath of independent schools, The Council recommends that each member school strongly consider and implement its own athletic policies that promote inclusion and honor those of opposing schools, which affirm the identity and expressions of those in our communities.

Message from NEPSAC - July 2020

As a core value, NEPSAC believes in and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion among its member schools, student-athletes, coaches, and administrators. The deaths of Black Americans and countless others who have been targeted because of their race are reprehensible and unequivocally wrong. These tragedies, and systemic racism, go against everything NEPSAC and our member schools stand for. NEPSAC will not tolerate racism in any form and remains dedicated to working with member schools to ensure a safe, healthy, fair, anti-racist, and rewarding athletic experience for all.