NEPSAC Membership
NEPSAC shall consist of New England Independent School Athletic Administrators whose schools are fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) or its equivalent as determined by the Executive Board. Each school, located primarily in New England, must be a member of only one of the four New England Districts and meet its dues obligation to NEPSAC .

Fulltime and Associate Membership
There are two types of membership within NEPSAC.  Fulltime members meet all eligibility requirements, pay annual dues, and meet all meeting requirements as voting members.   Additionally fulltime member schools are required to participate as a member of NEPSAC in a majority of the NEPSAC varsity sports in each gender that the school offers.   Associate members pay dues and are welcome to attend meetings as non-voting members.  Additionally, they are not obligated to follow eligibility or start date requirements with the exception of the age rule that states that individual athletes who are 19 years old, or younger, on September 1 of each school year are eligible to participate in NEPSAC competition.  Associate members may compete against NEPSAC schools with the results being considered for postseason play for fulltime members.  Associate member schools are ineligible for NEPSAC postseason tournament play.  The process for application as an associate member is identical to any school seeking membership in NEPSAC.   If approved, an associate member will have a three year probationary period after the conclusion of which it can be renewed as an Associate Member following Executive Board review.  Associate Membership does not guarantee future Full-time Membership.

Note: You will be asked to submit this application below, as well as provide proof of accreditation and proof of liability insurance to  .

NEPSAC District General Information
District 1 - Maine
District 2 - New Hampshire, Vermont
District 3 - Eastern Massachusetts, Southern Maine, Rhode Island
District 4 - Western Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York

See a more detailed membership map and more information here.

District 1 NEPSAC Application for Membership

District 2 NEPSAC Application for Membership

District 3 NEPSAC Application for Membership

District 4 NEPSAC Application for Membership